Monday, October 3, 2011

This is All About Paoli Dham

Paoli Dam recent-

Paoli has recently become the talk of the time for her excited pose in the film Chatrak. The film Chatrak is directed by Vimukthi Jayasundara who is mainly a Sri Lankan film maker. Paoli has said to leave all her cloths in the film. Paoli has got more popularity but at a time she is losing her mass acceptance for her naked pose.

Paoli –career

 Paoli, born October 4, 1980, was started her film career in 2006. Paoli has recently signed in a Italian film and also got offer from Bollywood. Paoli Dam has received the award Shera Bangali New Face 2009 which gave her international recognition.

Paoli Photo Album-


hot paoli

paoli dam

paoli in party

sexy paoli


Paoli’s recent Films-

·         Chatrak
·         Moner Manush
·         Banshiwala
·         Actor Aalive
All of them Chatrak is going to create a land mark in the Bangla cinema.

Paoli Live-